TableXpress provides a control-enabled way to export Autodesk® AutoCAD® native table object (AcDbTable) to Excel with full capacity of data synchronization from Excel.

TableXpress can also upgrade old style tables made by Lines, Text and MText into AcDbTable.


TableXpress is shareware and locked by RegisterShell for VLDCL in 30-days-trial mode.

The products can run in trial mode with full functions for 30 days after the first calling date. 


The only inconvenience is that the RegisterShell will appear each time invoking the products. After the expiration date, the products will be locked permanently and only registration can activate it again. The registration will disable the compulsory appearance of RegisterShell.


バージョン 2.5.5, 2017/03/21
Added latest support Supports Weekly Rental Service in China Remove Kagi Store link as Kagi has terminated the service


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