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SmartDraft PConnect is an easy to use field-to-finish (point-connection) tool designed to combine the best features of attributed point coding with an easily controlled, yet powerful, 2D and 3D line control language. PConnect's enhanced suffix codes give the operator increased flexibility and the ability to produce automated linework and layering. PConnect can use your company's specific description keys, combined with its suffix codes, to create robust geometry from surveyed data collected in the field. The linework is drawn on specified layers as defined by a description key style file.


Two pieces of data are used to achieve the desired line work: Coordinate-data and the description key file. The field-data coordinate consists of a point number, northing, easting, elevation, and description. The description key file specifies a user-defined description to process features (lines and arcs) onto a user-specified layer name.


PConnect has Three Linework Output Options:

 * 2D polylines drawn at elevation 0 for planimetrics;

 * 3D polylines (breaklines) drawn at the collected elevation; and

 * Civil 3D survey figures drawn at the collected elevations from point data in the Survey database.


To view PConnect video demonstrations videos please visit:


Also see SmartDraft PConnect.


This 30-day trial is a fully-functional version of Pconnect.


バージョン 21.0.0, 2021/03/24
Version 21.0.0 released - 2/25/2021. * Added support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2022 and Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2022. * Fixed an issue with selected block with grips not clearing when pressing the ESC key. Fixed the display of the Customization Template Description in the SmartDraft User Options... command. * Fixed an issue with the ED alias command in BricsCAD. Error: Unable to recognize command "TEXTEDIT". This error can occur when the command is not supported for the active license. * Removed the Project option from the PConnect command dialog since both the Drawing and Project options processed the same points. * Changed command icons to support dark / light themes in AutoCAD.


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  • Great AutoCAD Tool
    Gregory Bell | 4月 30, 2013 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I'm a surveyor working for a civil engineering firm and we have been using smartdraft for over 5 years. PConnect was recommended to us by our Autodesk Civil 3D instructor and it's very simple and easy to use. The product support is second to none, with very quick response times.