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DWGLogger aims to clarify a drawing's history by maintaining a log of key details relevant to your drawings every time a save is performed.


In work environments where many drawings with the same or similar names exist, DWGLogger can quickly let you know which drawing you are after by indicating who has worked on the drawing, when, and the number of entities as well as the different names and save locations that the drawing has had throughout its existence.


Furthermore, DWGLogger updates its log every time a save is made, regardless of source, meaning that auto saves which may save to a hidden directory with Autodesk® AutoCAD® generated names like "Drawing1_1_1_1154.sv$" will also appear in the log, allowing users pinpoint and retrieve their auto saved drawings should this need arise. Every time a log is updated, a message is communicated to the user via the command line.


After installation, DWGLogger will load automatically on subsequent AutoCAD starts and will print a message to the command line letting the user know that it has loaded successfully. If DWGLogger is not loaded, the log will not be damaged, but, it will also not be updated during that user's session.


The log can be quickly viewed within AutoCAD or exported to a neatly formatted CSV file and viewed in excel. This is convenient for making the entries into a table and sorting by user or date or any other field.


If at any time you wish to remove DWGLogger, the same installer used to install the app can be used to quickly un-install the app.


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バージョン 1.1.0, 2017/10/05
Added 2018 support.


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