Commutation Panels and Racks

Commutation Panels and Racks

AADB Software



This app can be used by design engineers who are engaged in creating drawings for extra low voltage systems, and who draw schemes with patch, termination panels and 19” and 10” rack furniture.


This plug-in is part of the app AViCAD by AADB Software, whose main goal is automatization of Design Engineering processes on all stages of creating a project documentation.


The app includes:

CreatePanel - For creating termination and patch panels in the drawing. Draw a panel with prompted connectors, set the quantity of the connectors and size of the panel in units.

DrawRack - For creating the representation racks in the drawing. Draw Rack Furniture with selected name, size and depth. User can create Front, Rear and Side Views.

FillRack - For creating representation for the chosen devices (panels) into a chosen rack. Fulfill created Racks with chosen patch and termination panels.


If you want to add any multimedia device to your schemes, you can use Multimedia and Broadcasting Devices Database plugin, which perfectly well works with Commutation Panels and Racks plugins.

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バージョン 1.4, 2018/11/21
1) Create Panel - new interface, combining CreatePatch and CreateTerm commands. Now, user can create termination and patch panels using one interface. 2) Rotate Panel - new command, allows user to flip the connectors of panels in the drawing. When user applies this command to the selected connectors, it changes their direction in the drawing.


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