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Ever wished for Google Maps as your background? Here it is!  


This is Plex-Earth Lite, giving you, your colleagues or clients some of the core benefits of the all-powerful Plex-Earth, for FREE 


Makes Lite Work of Preliminary Planning 

Plex-Earth Lite automatically imports and aligns Google Maps right inside your Autodesk® AutoCAD® projects!  


This lets you: 


  • Zoom in to your project area 
  • Create points of interest directly from within your drawing (.dwg) 
  • Scope out the real-world location in higher-resolution before you design   
  • Confidently incorporate environmental reality into more crafty, creative designs 
  • Import one object (placemark, path or polygon) from Google Earth; easy Copy-Paste! 
  • Avoid expensive rework or mistakes, saving money, saving time - and maybe your neck! 


Show (Off) and Impress Clients, Stakeholders And Even Your Hard-To-Please Colleagues! 

Multiple users tell us "It's better than Bing!" and we have to agree!  


You know that showing people your design is better than any amount of describing; well sharing and showing them with Google Maps is even better, because they immediately see: 


  • A better sense of size and scale 
  • A zoomable bird's eye view of the location 
  • How your design fits into that environment 
  • Where it is in relation to other key features or landmarks 


Being COMPLETELY FREE means your colleagues or clients can easily install this fast lightweight plugin for their own AutoCAD, so they can see the same glorious full-color background as you do! 


Just scroll up now to click the blue “Download” button at the top of this page, run the standard Windows .msi, then just open AutoCAD. Your new Plex-Earth Lite plugin will already be in place for you. Easy. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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