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This plugin is aimed at students and professionals of engineering and architecture. Both will achieve high productivity when making structural details of reinforced concrete. The drawing made by the plugin is a drawing of great detail and precision that follows the ACI315 standard. This is the standard that governs the detailing of reinforced concrete elements. 

The plugin is intuitive and easy to use; all you have to do is call the command from the plugin's area or by calling it with the BEAM command, enter the data it asks for and select a point in the model space for the plugin to draw it. 

The drawings will be made on a 1:1 scale, taking the unit as a meter. 

In this link, I will leave a dwg file with examples. The drawing was made in the Autodesk® AutoCAD® template (default file when creating a new file) without any additional configuration  

The application will generate everything necessary to make the drawing

  • layers
  • text styles
  • dimension styles 


The plugin will draw the cross-section of your element with detail and precision. 

Three checks are included Dimensions, Label and ACI. 

Dimension: it will add dimensions to the drawing, the dimension style will be generated by the plugin itself.

Label: will add a label with the information of the cross-section name, number of rods, spacing, and diameters.

ACI: with this option, the drawing will be governed by the act 315 standards. If this option is unchecked the drawing will be made even if it does not comply with the regulations. However, the drawing will not be made when the number of longitudinal rods horizontally or vertically is less than 2 pieces (it is recommended to always check this option). 


ACI regulations 

  • The base must be => 15 CM
  • The cant must be => 15 CM
  • The horizontal and vertical clean cover should be => 2 CM
  • The number of horizontal and vertical rods must be => 2. minimum of 4 total rods 
  • The separation of the stirrups must be => 15 CM 


Works in any language version of AutoCAD 

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 1.0.1, 14.11.2023
Code optimization Stirrup drawn complete and in polylines Added more rod diameters Availability to be used in any language Fixed compatibility error with the Circular Column plugin

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