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TextApps includes the following six useful Text Applications for Autodesk® AutoCAD®: 


(1) DDAttMod – This latest version modifies Attributes, Attribute Definitions, Blocks with Attributes, MTexts & Texts (the previous version did not support MText)
(2) DDTxtJus - Changes Attributes, Attribute Definitions, MTexts & Texts Justifications.
(3) DDTxtMed - Multiple Edit boxes for Attribute Definition and text strings.
(4) DDTxtPed - Changes matching Attributes, Attribute Definitions, MTexts & Texts Properties.
(5) DDTxtBrk - Breaks selected Text string into two parts.
(6) DDTxtMrg - Merges multiple Text strings together.


In addition, included is a Bonus custom Color assignment tool using large 255 Color Swatches accompanied with CTB files providing the following three commands:
(1) DDEColor - changes default Entity “CECOLOR” color.
(2) DDLColor - changes current Layer “CLAYER” color.
(3) DDOColor - changes selected Objects color.

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 2.0.0, 04.12.2023
DDAttMod app develops into TextApps which is a collection of the following: DDAttMod, DDTxtJus, DDTxtMed, DDTxtPed, DDTxtBrk, DDTxtMrg, and TxtAppsInfo. Also included are the Bonus Color assignment commands: DDEColor, DDLColor & DDOColor. DDAttMod Updates from the previous version: 1. Added support for MText, Dynamic Block Name, Plot Style Name, Multiline & Annotative Status. 2. Replaced all ai_ functions and variables with aec_ai_ 3. Calls to Color dialog updated to use customized aec_DDColor. 4. Calls to custom Linetype dialog changed to AutoCAD's Linetype dialog. 5. Excluded Xref Layer, Linetype & Text Style names from being shown in selection lists. 6. Modified various dialog box settings expanding the selection window size. 7. Added slide image preview to represent text justification selection. 8. Added option to retain the text position after justification change. 9. Added to Select Layer window: (1) Layer State to show Plot vs Non Plot status (2) Plot Style name (3) Line weight 10. Updated sort function to Layer & Style names and added sorting to Linetype names. 11. Updated to use the built-in help file. 12. Added Info button to show product information. 13. Changed a number of app variables ie: a. defaults from being saved to AEC_Support to TxtApps_defaults. b. app directory from AEC_DDList-Prg-Dir to TxtApps_prgdir. c. localized aec_dlg_pos to dlg_pos. 14. Repackaged app as part of TextApps.

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  • thank you
    liu jack | października 05, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    well done

    Paul Li (Wydawca) | lipca 12, 2022

    Thank you...glad this is helpful for you.

  • Not working in AutoCAD 2021?
    Lzed Ton | lipca 31, 2020 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    I've tried everything to make it work, but I was not able to do it. Any suggestion on how to fix that?

    Paul Li | sierpnia 03, 2020

    Please provide the following information: • Operating System • Screenshot of the issue • Steps to reproduce

    Paul Li (Wydawca) | grudnia 13, 2023

    You are welcome to try downloading & installing the latest release.

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