Getting the cable lengths

Getting the cable lengths

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This plug-in can help to set cable lines on drawings and get real architectural lengths of cables.


It also helps to find and sum duplicates and export all the info to Excel file.

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Wersja 1.1.0, 17.05.2021
We have added the following things: 1) Now you can choose location From and Where from drawing even if they are inside a block. Also you can skip this and in Cable Editor you will see two text boxes with Number. You can also change your location there. 2) Now you can use templates of cables. You are able to use the following options: A1 - just on cable A1-10 - Cables A1,A2,A3...A10 A1-A10 - same as above A1-10B - A1B,A2B...A10B A1-10B/2 - A1B,A3B,A5B,A7B,A9B Also you can write your own step. 3)Now there is possibility to add reserve to a start and end of a line and to a full polyline. 4)Better looking excel out

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