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BIM Underground
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BIM Underground is a Windows plug-in for Autodesk® AutoCAD® that allows users with little or no 3D modelling experience to create 3D models of existing and proposed underground utilities to Federal S.U.E. standards. Easy to use and intuitive forms allow the users to input the location and dimensions of pipes, conduits and structures to create 3D models of underground utilities for planning, clash detection, use with the Federal S.U.E. program and visualization. Vaults and maintenance holes can be exported and imported. 


The S.U.E. program designates levels of confidence to be ascribed to an underground utilities location. BIM Underground allows the user to apply both N.C.S. (National CAD Standards) layers to objects and a color code to designate which of the four levels of confidence can be attributed to the objects location/elevation.


Since 1991, the FHWA has been encouraging the use of S.U.E. on Federal-aid and Federal Lands Highway projects as an integral part of the preliminary engineering process. Costs for S.U.E. services are eligible for Federal participation. 


Regardless if a project is eligible for a S.U.E. grant (Bim Underground Help & S.U.E. Information tab has a link to current federal projects) utility relocation can be greatly mitigated at the design stage. BIM Underground gives engineers a tool to catch conflicts before they go to the field.

Please don't distribute this software without purchase or permission. A lot of time went into creating it.

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