Convert Curve to Polyline

Convert Curve to Polyline



The simple command CPoly is designed to convert any curves to polylines with the optimal number of segments. The program will allow you to create optimal polylines from splines and any curves. This can be very useful for further extruding outlines into solids, as solids extruded from splines slow down Autodesk® AutoCAD® enormously. In addition, many CAM programs adequately transfer only contours from polylines to CNC machines.
Program features:
  • The program works with 2D polylines, 3D polylines, splines, ellipses, circles
  • 3D splines and 3D polylines will be projected onto the XY plane of the current UCS user coordinate system.
  • The spline approximation is performed within the specified permissible deviation. You will get an optimized polyline with as few segments as possible.
  • Spline fit can use line and arc segments, or only linear ones, depending on the settings.
  • Nearly closed paths become closed polylines.
  • Replaces circles with a polyline of a pair of arc segments. This is useful for specifying the direction of the path to be traversed by the cutter on the CNC.
  • You can select objects before invoking the command.
  • You can select and process many polylines at once or the entire drawing.
  • The program itself will discard unsuitable objects from the selection - select everything with a frame.
  • It is possible not to process some of the selected curves if they are on unnecessary layers, you can only process curves with the continuous line type.
  • You can keep the original curves.
  • The program has common settings with all other programs A>V>C> for preparing contours for CNC.
  • All settings are combined into a "CNC style". You can create up to 9 styles. It's easy to switch styles right from the command line.
You can download and use the program for free, but an activation window will appear periodically. If you donate at least $10, you can disable this window.
The CPoly command is used inside the Ouside Loop command and is also included in the collection A>V>C> Pro.

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Версия 2021.2.1, 13.09.2021
First public version.

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