SmatCad Block Cataloger

SmatCad Block Cataloger

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SmatCad is a Block Cataloger Add-in that can help save time in producing layouts for blocks.


The Add-in is centered on a single command which:

  1. Prompts the users to select multiple entities.
  2. Filters the selected entities remaining with a unique block type only.
  3. Produces layouts for each unique block type and zooms in to the extent of the block shown in the layout. It also adds the block name to the layout.
  4. Additionally, users can also publish to a single PDF file by selecting all newly produced layouts.


Users may find this Add-in particularly useful as it reduces the effort required and the time taken to catalog different block types.

In the event you might need to send clients a review of blocks used in the drawing, this Add-in will prove essential to your work process. 


Please refer to the screenshots and video to gain a better insight on how the Add-in performs and its outputs.

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Версия 1.0.0, 06.12.2017
Initial release

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