Proplanner Workplace Planner

Proplanner Workplace Planner


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Workplace Planner automatically generates Walk-path diagrams and calculates worker walk times, lean value-added percentages, travel distances, and ergonomic safety assessments. Walk-path diagrams and animation help visualize the process directly on the layout in AutoCAD®.



• Automatically create flow paths and manually create user-defined paths

• Automatically scale path segment thickness according to walk intensity, and create variable-sized flow path arrows and distance labels

• Evaluate MODAPTS, MTM-1/UAS/B and user defined process time codes, or interface with Proplanner, Microsoft Excel etc. to evaluate additional labor time standards

• Automatically compute LEAN value-added %

• Import and Export from / to Excel CSV files

• Analyze walk flow paths from and to moving parts on multi-segment part paths

• Evaluate Lift and Carry of weight according to the OSHA approved “SNOOK” method

• Animate operator walk flows in 2D or 3D for stationary or moving parts (2D only in standalone)

• Synchronize up to 3 workers concurrently and diagram operator walk paths with unique colors per operator

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