Quick DTM Tools


Quick DTM tools is an Autodesk® AutoCAD® based application with a focus on DTM - digital terrain model and all relevant tools that are often used with it. 



- BUILDTIN - creates TIN (3D faces as triangles) from the selected entities on drawing or based on point data file, formatted in: POINTNO.spaceEASTINGspaceNORTHINGspaceELEVATION format

- SRFMAN - surface manager for creating and manipulating with surfaces based on group of triangles

- TRI - draw single triangle

- SWDG - change orientation of common edge of two triangles (partial step for fitting TIN)

- TRISLOPE - change grade of the selected triangle edge

- TRIFILTER - filters the selected 3D faces (triangles) with max edge length or max out scribed circle radius criteria

- GRIDMODEL - construct a GRID model over existing triangle's surface

- QSEC - create quick cross section based on selected lines over the triangle's surface

- ISOLINE - create contours with selected parameters over a selected group of triangles

- LBLISO - label contours elevations

- DBLTRI - create 4 triangles from 2 paired triangles, by selecting a paired triangles' common edge

- FITTIN - edits existing TIN model, based on selected break lines (POLYLINES, 3DPOLYLINES, LINES)

- TRICONE - create triangles in a conical shape

- WTRDROP - basic waterdrop analysis, pick point on the selected surface

- DELTASRFVOLUME - calculate volume (FIL, CUT, NET volume) between two selected surfaces

- SUPERSEC - quick section from a selected polyline created from linear segments, over the 3D surface

- LANDXML - surface landxml export/import function

- INSPTS - insert points from external point data file to drawing


Licensing mechanism:

  • The app works for 30 days with full functionality. We request you to activate the product within this trial period.
  • Please generate a request code within the AutoCAD by typing the command: QDTMTREQUESTCODE.
  • Highlight the dialog Ctrl+C and paste it in email, send the request code to civengcadsol@gmail.com, your license will be added to the internet based licenses database and you can enjoy a perpetual license.


Also there is available version of AutoCAD® for MAC, please contact for more info. 

E-mail: civengcadsol@gmail.com

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