WDPD TOOLS for Fast Engineering

WDPD TOOLS for Fast Engineering



Applies linear algebra functions to objects of your choice. There are commands for working with planes, lines and points. They may not exist in the drawing but be defined by picking points.


For example, we can find the intersection between a line (defined by two points) and a plane (defined by three points) and judge what to do. Added sphere, cylinder and cone line intersection points. There are commands to convert 2D and 3D splines to polylines.


There are commands to generate gears and cogs.

This makes the work of the designer easier. You can always quickly and easily generate a gear or check where a line will intersect an object.  

You can copy and move objects in new coordinate systems, and they will remain the same as in the old one. 


Note: If you have the old version (WDPD), you must first uninstall it (via the corresponding "msi" file from Autodesk®) and then install the new version (via the "msi" file from Autodesk).


版本, 2024/2/22
This is an enhanced version of WDPD. It has added commands to generate gears and chain sprockets. Intersection of a straight line with a sphere, cone, or cylinder.


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