Quality Assurance Inspector


The QA Inspector palette shows all the objects and properties of the current layout grouped, sorted, and counted in real-time. Instantly see outliers, anomalies, and errors in each tree view node. Visibly see highlighted objects from any group on the screen. Move, copy, erase, change properties, and so on for any selected group. Compliments other commands such as BCOUNT. 


Perfect for:

  • Project Quality Assurance integrity checking.
  • Finding objects that don’t meet standards.
  • Training and assessment of user's work.


The QA Inspector palette works on its own, but the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Properties palette is a perfect companion. Objects selected will be shown on the Properties palette for full details and editing. 


QA Inspector palette: 

  • Sort Objects By Object or By Property. 
  • Sort-Object Properties By Alphanumeric Ascending/Descending or By Quantity Ascending/Descending. 
  • Layout Objects are displayed by Model or Layout (tabs). 
  • Show default property objects or not. 
  • Show individual objects or not. 
  • Hide, close, or pause the palette updates at any time when not needed. 
  • Copy to Clipboard outputs the current tree view ready to be pasted into another app for review.


QA Inspector Palette is self-explanatory. Just open it and start inspecting your drawing!


版本 1.0.0, 2023/9/11
Initial Release.



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