Detailing Drawings

Detailing Drawings



The DDraw (Detailing Drawings) command is designed for maximum automation of the design of drawings for each part. First of all, the program will be useful for those who design furniture, exhibition stands, interiors, and promotional items from flat sheets. The program combines the calls of many AVC commands at once. The program saves the engineer from many routine operations and greatly speeds up the work. You just need to draw a 3d model of furniture from the details of solids (solid bodies). The program will do the rest:


  • Finds the same parts, no matter how they are located.

  • The program can pull out all parts (solids) from assembly blocks.

  • It will find a space in the model space and invoke the Lay program to lay out the parts with the main plane flat in the XY plane.

  • Will write, if necessary, a heading for each part with a description of the material and quantity.

  • Insert sheets (layouts) from the template and target all viewports to the laid-out parts. How many viewports are on the sheet in the template - so many details will be placed on the sheet.

  • Rename sheets according to a template with substitutions. You can list part names in the sheet tab title.

  • Selects the optimal scale for the views. You can set the same scale for all views on the same sheet.

  • Clips viewports to fit the details.

  • Calls up the NC Preparation program for recognizing machining technologies and preparing contours. The contours of milling, drilling, and sawing are recognized. But you can not make contours, but leave solids.

  • Calls the Dimensions to Detailing program for each part.

  • You can configure up to 9 styles of command settings and quickly switch between them right from the command line.

  • You can configure all options in the dialog box and the Autodesk® AutoCAD® Preferences window.

The program uses all the features of the LAY command: numbering parts, setting headers, multiplying quantities, sorting parts, etc.

Also available are all the options for optimizing contours, rounding, or selecting corners, as in the Outer Contour (OSL) program. The capabilities of the CNC preparation program are used to create the contours of the cutter's exits for the part, select the entry point of the cutter, and so on.

The program can interact with the A>V>C> Properties Palette, the part name and other solid properties can be used in the part header, and sheet name.

Regardless of the AutoCAD language, you can switch the plugin's dialogs and messages into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.


To run the plugin, you will have to register account and top up your account balance or receiving bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:

The trial period is 20 days.


版本 2024.05.04, 2024/5/31
DimDet: added new options "Dado Leaders" and "Format" for dado leaders. DimDet: added new option "Replace arrow with dot" for leaders from space (from middle of face). DimDet: added new option "Drilling Numbers" and options for nuber text: Format, Style, Height. DimDet: added new option "Base Point". Substitutions: new %passage% substitution for CNC-contours = minimal dado width. Substitutions: new %number% substitution for CNC-drill-contours = the program numbers all drills in order of their diameter and location. Substitution has been added to the default settings for the Drill Table. Substitutions fixed: %drill% (directions of lateral drilling) from h_back and h_front were confused. Fixed a bug in AutoCAD 2025 when opening the substitution input window. DDraw fixed: The program stopped processing all parts if it found one unusable.



1 评论
  • incredibly powerful program
    Olga Neronski | 七月 02, 2024

    This program takes care of the most tedious work in my furniture projects.  One click and sheets, types and even sizes are ready for all the details.  Incredible.