2-D Electrical Drafting

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2-D Electrical Drafting is a Suite of Tools for Autodesk® AutoCAD®. 

Used for construction documents: power and lighting. 


The look of the output is highly customizable. Please book a demonstration or attend a webinar on its use. 


There is a help video on the ribbon. In the instructional video, we show you how to use all the tools and more efficiently draft your electrical construction plans for lighting and power.  


At first appearance, the tools are a set of blocks with intelligent insertion. They offer customizable layer insertions and color but the power comes from the Commands Panel on the new 2DED Electrical ribbon.  


There is a Fixture Layout command that quickly inserts any of the fixture blocks in a pattern you quickly control. Different from a standard Array, you have control row by row as they are inserted.  


There is a Join Fixtures command that automatically connects fixtures to junction boxes with flexible whip symbols. 


Including accounting for Master/Satellite installations.  


There is a Conduit command that draws conduit routing at right angles to the building lines as you would expect an electrician to route conduit. This works on all the power devices as well.  

And there is a Fixture Type command that places, moves, and counts fixture tags in an entire space in seconds. 

The Commands Panel also includes a whole host of other utilities not available in any one location.


Automatically downloads a free 30 day trial for your use.


版本 23.0.0, 2022/5/19
General Improvements. Annual update.



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