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CloKit is a tool that designs Clothoid transition curves in Autodesk® AutoCAD®.


CloKit covers a long-lasting requirement of CAD power users that are willing to study, analyze, experiment or investigate alignment problems independently and outside of heavy and rigid Alignment Software Environments.


CloKit aims to provide users with the capability to take all parameters into their hands and support them in applying their ideas in AutoCAD easily and accurately. Transition curves such as Clothoid are conditioned by difficult mathematical models that are not easily drawn without such a tool and CloKit is at your service with all of its capabilities.


CloKit will not only design Clothoid or Egg-Clothoid curves but it will also check existing polylines that the user might have extracted from other software and after performing the necessary analysis it will conclude whether this polyline includes Clothoid curves and even design them as independent curves (Polylines). From the moment CloKit has checked or designed a Clothoid curve in AutoCAD, the Clothoid parameters of that curve are always available for the user to check, edit and print.


You are welcome to consult CloKit manual for further and more detailed information about the tool. (

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