Check Text/MText


  1. Prompting the User: Begin by asking the user to select either Text or MText entities in the drawing.

  2. Selection Process: User Utilizes Autodesk® AutoCAD® selection tools to pick the desired Text or MText.

  3. Retrieve Insertion Point and Content: Once the user selects the Text/MText entities, the command processes their insertion points and textual content.

  4. Duplicate Check:

    1. Insertion Point Check: Compare the insertion points of the selected Text/MText entities with those of previously selected ones. If any insertion points match, it indicates a duplication.
    2. Content Check: Similarly, compare the textual content of the selected Text/MText entities with the content of previously selected ones. If any content matches, it indicates a duplication.
  5. Display Results: The user Can use the Visit color object Add-In. If duplicates are found, provide details such as which entities are duplicates and highlight them in the drawing for clarity.


NOTE: To use this app, please download and install the Visit Color object to check the output of this command.



版本 1.0.0, 2024/5/24
First version.



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