GeoMESH is an additional application for Autodesk® AutoCAD® (ObjectARX App) for creating and editing digital elevation models (DEM) and triangulated irregular networks (TIN). GeoMESH provides commands for 

  • Reading terrain points from LAS- and Text-Files,
  • Generating terrain models for irregularly distributed terrain points,
  • Generating contour lines,
  • Generating colored contour line patterns,
  • Constructing terrain sections,
  • Applying ortho images onto terrain models,
  • Calculating volume differences between different terrain models. 


GeoMESH is not meant to be a competitor product for much more complex and expensive software packages, but a compact and targeted solution for modeling digital elevation models (DEM) and triangulated irregular networks (TIN).

GeoMESH is seamlessly integrated into AutoCAD via its commands and thus offers a user consistent usability. 

GeoMESH reads and generates standard AutoCAD elements so that further processing of generated data and geometries with AutoCAD itself or other software solutions is possible at any time. GeoMESH is therefore an open system that offers maximum freedom.

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版本 2.3.0, 2024/2/16
- New command GMBORDER. Draw terrain mesh borders. - New system variable GMSETCWRITEMODE. Substitute previous system variable GMSETCSPLINE. - New system variable GMSETCALCMODE. - Significant performance improvements, new mesh generating algorithm (Divide and conquer). - GeoMESH does not support pointIDs anymore. - Minor bug fixes.



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