Automatic Polyline Simplification

Automatic Polyline Simplification



The ASimp command "Automatic Simplify Polylines" will help you optimize your drawing. The program works with polylines and legacy 2D polylines. Works with polylines with arc segments.

Program features:

  • Converts legacy 2D-polylines to regular polylines
  • Removes unnecessary nodes (vertices) and segments on linear and arcuate sections. With this, you can control the tolerance from the original curve.
  • Replaces arcuate segments on a line if the deviation does not exceed the allowable value.
  • Replaces a polyline from arc segments with a circle.
  • Replaces a straight polyline with multiple segments with a Line object.
  • Aligns nearly horizontal and nearly vertical segments. Also within the specified tolerance.
  • An almost closed polyline becomes closed.
  • The program will issue a report to the command line: how many polylines have been processed and how many nodes (vertices) have been deleted.
  • You can select objects before invoking the command.
  • You can select and process many polylines at once or the entire drawing.
  • The program itself will discard unsuitable objects from the selection - select everything with a frame.
  • You can exclude from processing polylines from unwanted layers, as well as exclude polylines with a line type other than Continuous.
  • You can keep the original polylines.
  • The program has common settings with all other A>V>C> programs for preparing contours for CNC.
  • All settings are combined into a "CNC style". You can create up to 9 styles. It's easy to switch styles right from the command line.


The ASimp command is used within the Outside Loop command and is included in the A>V>C> Pro.


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版本 2021.12.3, 2023/3/29
Added 2024 support.



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