PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel® 2021

PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel® 2021

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GRAITEC PowerPack for Advance Steel® is packed with tools and utilities that deliver more functionality, better control and more automation for Advance Steel users across all industries.

Languages available on installation: English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish.  

Tools included:


Export model/section to IGES/STEP: Export an entire model or selected parts to an IGES or STEP format

Export model/section to ACIS: Export an entire model or selected parts to a 3D solid (ACIS) format for laser profiling

Export model/section PDF 3D: Export an entire model or selected parts to a PDF 3D file

Explode Drawings and Dimensions: Explode Advance Steel drawings to AutoCAD drawings and intelligent dimensions



Steel Structure Designer: Building definitions and tools enabling users to configure complete structures in seconds, from standard building shapes used in industry (platforms, steel halls), to more complex models, such as office buildings or structures with curved roofs.



PowerPack for Advance Steel extends the standard library with a variety of parametric and intelligent advanced connections. Some of them are:

Threaded Rod Connection: Create a rod with round or square cross-section between two elements (beams, plates, gratings)

Tube to Tube Connection: Create a connection between 2 tubes with holes and weld positions.

Asymmetrical/Staggered Pattern: Creates asymmetrical/staggered patterns of bolts/anchors/holes/shear studs

Plate for Multiple Bracings: Creates a polygonal, circular or rectangular gusset plate between two or more bracings.

Parametric Cold Rolled Joints: macro driven dialogs for simple configuration changes to the connections based on model restrictions and engineering requirements, for main cold rolled suppliers in Europe


Floor Cover Macro: Cover an area with standard size grating panels/plates of specified dimensions

Platform Cover Creator: Automatically create grating or plate cover based on the selected supporting members

Folded Plate ExtenderAdds a folded plate to an existing plate


Straight/Balanced Stairs: One/Two/Three flights

Automatic Stair Design & Ergonomics: Automatically determine the rise, going or a number of treads, all within stairway requirement ranges, and assuring the overall stair’s geometry.

Customizable Landings: Choose a landing support structure, by adding ribs or a frame or even extend stringers to boundaries, in order to split the landing plate

Customizable Treads: Standard or folded plate treads, with closed or open risers, grating treads with endplates, or even special parts to accommodate treads from different manufacturers


Standard/Ball Post/Double Post/Key clamp/Wall-mounted Railings: The module enables defining new railings starting from points, lines, or beams

Different Ending Types: Set a generous range of extension shapes at the rail’s ends, independently configuring the start and end, having also the possibility to add cover components like cap plates

Infill panels: The panels can be welded to posts or connected through clamps, available in the existing library, or create user-defined fittings

Split Railings: Cut rails in accordance with the indicated post or wall bracket, for further welding, mechanically assembling with internal joints (tube to tube connection) or user-defined external sleeves

Special Parts: Various rail components can be added or customized from a specialized manager, when using bought-ready supplier assemblies: key clamp systems, glass clamps, wall rail brackets, ending caps

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PowerPack for Advance Steel 2021 Trial Version has a 15-day fully functional evaluation period from the date of installation.

For available multi-year, network and bulk subscription options, please contact your local Graitec subsidiary or Graitec reseller: graitec.com/world.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


PowerPack for Advance Steel 2021 Trial Version has a 15-day fully functional evaluation period from the date of installation.

For available multi-year, network and bulk subscription options, please contact your local Graitec subsidiary or Graitec reseller: graitec.com/world.

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