JTB Align Plus Trial

JTB Align Plus Trial

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Two advance JTB_Align_Any and JTB_Align_Objects commands will copy and align your text, block or selection of objects at the picked point of selected line or curve. Curve can be Arc, Circle, Polyline, Leader or 3D Polyline, in current space as well as nested inside Blocks or Xrefs.


Text will be aligned and placed at the same offset distance as text in current dimension style. Block will be aligned and fit tangentially to curve. You can press TAB key or type F to flip aligned object(s) to either sides; Type O to move object(s) to specified offset distance; Type R to rotate object(s); Right click on line or curve to move object(s) rather than copy; Type U to undo previous action.


More interesting, if you pick on text or block, or on empty space, Match Text Content or Match Block command will run, help you easily manage your drawing's tags and symbol blocks. (See demo preview videos)


The "plus" commands are:


1.   JTB_Make_Table (MTB): Make an ACAD table and MS. Excel table from texts.


2.   JTB_Align_Quick (ALQ): Quickly line up texts and block's insertion points.


3.   JTB_DimScale (DSC): Change the dimension scale and linetype scale accordingly.


4.   JTB_DimSpace (DSP): Adjust space within linear and aligned dimension objects.


5.   JTB_DimBreak (DBR): Break dimensions lines, or trim/extend dimensions extension lines.


Trial version usage is limited to drawings with less than 500 objects in model space.


You can visit our web page at http://jtbworld.com/jtb-align-plus for more information.


Ready to buy? The paid version is available here: JTB Align Plus


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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バージョン 4.2.1, 2019/08/13
Fixed write permission issue in app's folder.


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