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Export WebGL Plugin enables the export of Autodesk® Alias® Shell entities as 3d WebGL entities encapsulated in an HTML page.

The resulting page can be published in a website or shared as a file, where the user is able to interactively visualize (pan/rotate/zoom) the model, in any modern web browser on any device, including phone/tablets, in fully shaded mode, without the need to install any extra programs.

It is a convenient method to share 3D concepts to a third party, without having to share actual surface data.

Click here to see a sample file in action.

left mouse : Tumble; middle mouse / mouse wheel: Zoom; right mouse: Pan

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The built-in license manager will automatically pop up when the plug-in is invoked for the first time. 

A trial subscription for 30 days can be activated by clicking on the "Trial Subscription" button. Click on the "Buy Subscription" button for a one year subscription. The cost of subscription is USD 99. Internet Connection is required to enable trial subscription and to activate regular subscription. After buying the subscription, click on "Activate Subscription" to activate your subscription. The License Manager will automatically pop up 9 days before the end of subscription period.

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Versione, 06/03/2023
Enhancement: Trial period of 30 days New License Manager.

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