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The main feature of this plugin is that you can assign names and types to polylines that you want to calculate. This allows you to not just get a total length or area, but see it in the form of detailed report.


MeteorSpec LT has a Data Library where all types are saved. You can add, edit and remove any types, which then can be assigned to polylines. Data Library is saved on your computer, which means that you can backup it or share with your colleagues.


For example you can add all cable types that you use in your projects to Data Library, and then assign them to polylines that represent these cables. Then, when you need to calculate total lengths of all cables you will get a structured report with lengths per cable type. Of course you can add any kind of object descriptions: pipes, pavements, fences, curbs, protective coatings etc. Just write there the necessary grades and types that you plan to use now and in the future. 


MeteorSpec LT works with any measurement units which you can set globally or individually per drawing.


MeteorSpec LT is a multi-purpose tool, so it can be configured to use in any field of design where calculation of summarized lengths and summarized areas is needed. This plugin can save a huge amount of time for you. It’s very effective when you need to make some changes in projects.


Any projects created in the free version of MeteorSpec (LT) will be compatible with the full version of MeteorSpec after renaming working layers of the program. 

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Verze 1.3.0, 20.5.2019
Added 2019 support Added 2020 support

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  • Very COOL
    Study Qiao | května 26, 2018 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    It's wonderful.Thank a lot

  • Enjoy it!
    Alexey Mironoff | dubna 02, 2016 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    It's great intrument to calculate needed for your work areas (as componets of carrigeway: marking, green spaces and etc) I will use it. Thanks for MeteoraOwl OU.

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