Overall Dimensions

Overall Dimensions




The plug-in contains one command: Overall Dimensions (DimOverall), which will help you speed up the size setting. You can put 2 dimensions of all selected parts by pressing just one button.

Features of the program:

  • Works with solids or closed contours from any curves.
  • It delivers 2 dimensions for each part - the dimension along the X axis and the dimension along the Y axis.
  • The extension lines reach the contour of the part.
  • Can work in model space or on layout.
  • It can itself find the parts visible through the viewport.
  • When working in the model, it arranges dimensions in the XY plane of the user coordinate system (UCS)
  • Sets the current dimension style and the MD_Annotation layer to the dimensions.
  • Works with annotative dimension styles.
  • Ignores non-closed contours, contours inside other contours, contours on layers MD_Hidden, MD_Hatching, Center, annotation layers and other annotation objects.

The Overall Dimension command is also part of the plug-in CNC Prepare.
Many settings of the plug-in CNC Prepare affect the operation of this command (layer management, dimension style, etc.). In a separate plug-in, only the default settings work. There is no possibility of adjusting the behavior of the command.

You can download and use the program for free, but from time to time the activation window will appear. If you donate $5, you can disable this window.

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Version 2018.3, 12.04.2018
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2019 compatibility Fix AutoCAD 2012 eInvalidInput error Fix Windows x32 "acedTrans in DLL accore.dll" error

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