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Use pdf2cad to transform vector PDF files into editable DWG files. It saves hours of redraw time and reduces errors. In just seconds, you’ll extract an accurate drawing which can be easily modified in Autodesk® AutoCAD® or any other program that opens DWG or DXF files.

pdf2cad is ideal for converting CAD drawings, floor-plans, network diagrams and organization charts. It extracts editable CAD entities, layers, objects and text from any computer-generated PDF file. Images from scanned PDF files are placed on a non-editable tracing layer.

pdf2cad is available for Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X.

Key Features

  •     Convert PDF files into standard CAD interchange formats, DWG, DXF and HPGL
  •     Convert one file or multiple files using the built in batch mode
  •     Convert all pages or specify a page range
  •     Intelligent object recognition
  •     Combines characters to form editable words and lines of text
  •     Cropping
  •     Add white space to page
  •     Rotate output by any degree
  •     Option to ignore text, images or paths during conversion
  •     Map fonts for high fidelity file match
  •     Scale page to match original dimensions of file
  •     Specify minimum line width
  •     Separates layers in CAD drawing based on color or other definitions
  •     Dashed/dotted lines as segments
  •     Saves all images as referenced file in DXF format
  •     Command-line version and Windows DLL available for developers
  •     Expanded support for non-standard fonts
  •     Option to remove or outline hatches/fills
  •     Improved reporting on errors and warnings
  •     Streamlined interface for faster and easier conversions

Try pdf2cad free for 30 days or send us a test file and we’ll do the conversion for you. It just takes one file to see whether pdf2cad will save you time and money. It’s easy to use yet has many powerful options. If you’d rather pass on the learning curve until you see how great it works on your drawings, then upload a file and we’ll do the rest. Try it today!


Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


30-day Trial. For information on how to get started, please visit our web-site.

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 12.0, 26.04.2020
pdf2cad version 12 adds horizontal and vertical flip options during conversion, rotate drawing, merge all pages in a Multipage PDF file to one drawing, support for password-protected PDF files, added transparency fill support, automatic font name mapping engine, improved PDF layer support, convert each PDF layer to a separate file, Z-order, convert connected LINE objects to one POLYOBJECT, PDF 2.0 support

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  • what?? why??
    Yong Shuan Huang | November 14, 2019 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    為什麼PDF轉換之後竟然變成 *.JPG檔

    我要求的 *.DWG檔呢??


    Jean Haney (Herausgeber) | November 18, 2019

    Hello! I suspect that you are trying to convert a scanned drawing and that's why you are getting an image file. pdf2cad is designed to convert PDF drawings generated by software programs. These vector PDF files contain rich data that we can extract and render as editable DWG drawings. Scanned drawings, on the other hand, are bitmap files which contain no information about the objects, attributes or text for us to extract. The best you can expect from a scanned drawing is a tracing underlay whereas a vector PDF file will give you a fully editable drawing. Please see this FAQ for ways to identify whether your PDF file can be successfully converted or not. https://visual-integrity.com/faqs/spotting-difference-vector-raster-pdf/

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