TL Fractal Tree Generator

TL Fractal Tree Generator

Todor Latev



This app will generate a random tree like collection of lines at user picked points.


A number of parameters can be adjusted by the user to fine tune the look and feel of the generated trees, such as trunk length, number of iterations used, branching probability, max zenith angle for the branches, branch ratio and minimum branch length.

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Version 2018.10.20, 02.11.2018
Initial release.

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  • Litty like a titty. Perfect add on. love it bro.
    frankn20 frankn20 | Januar 10, 2019



  • Litle trees
    Thomas Puister | Januar 04, 2019 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    If u like trees smaller than a milimeter make sure u use this add in

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