If you often come across dwg files exported from visualization programs such as Autodesk® 3Ds Max® or SketchUp, then you certainly notice that the 3D models in these files are not solid, but polygonal ones, consisting of meshes. Moreover, often Polyface Mesh is found, which has not been used in dwg for a longer period. No command works with these meshes. These meshes can neither be measured, nor transformed into something normal nor even exploded.
But now you have a tool that will solve this problem. The MeshToSolid command works with both older Polyface Meshes and normal Meshes (SubDMesh). It will allow you to collect a solid from the meshes, and if that doesn't work, then at least convert the PolyfaceMesh to Mesh. As a last resort, you now also have a mesh explosion program that converts any meshes into lines in one click. Now you can measure this architectural sketch normally in order to build a complete solid model.


  • Convert PolyfaceMesh to Mesh
  • Glue, scattered pieces of mesh into one closed mesh
  • Convert closed meshes to 3D Solid
  • Explode PolyfaceMesh and 3D Face on Lines
  • Meshes can be selected before calling the commands
  • You can handle several meshes at once.
  • Mesh properties (layer, color ...) are transferred to the new solid / lines
  • Commands do not require any configuration
Meshes with more than 10,000 faces are not processed, which can obscure Autodesk® AutoCAD®. 
Regardless of the AutoCAD language, you can switch the plugin's dialogs and messages into the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, and Chinese.


To run the plugin, you will have to register account and top up your account balance or receive bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:



バージョン 2024.02.00, 2024/02/19
All updates for Febrary 2024.


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  • Limited
    m design | 3月 26, 2024

    Confident that it would work, I paid before trying it. It went wrong, this plugin is limited to 10,000 faces, and i have elemts with more than 30000 faces. No return available?

    Alexandr Chernishev (公開元) | 3月 27, 2024

    If you read the description of the program (, you will notice that this limitation can be reconfigured. Use the MeshToSolidMaxFaces command. However, even if you can convert your giant mesh into a solid one, you still won’t be able to work with it in AutoCAD. AutoCAD is designed for solid-state graphics and is very difficult to cope with a huge number of polygons. You should first simplify your mesh in the program from which you imported it (3DS Max, for example).

  • Great program
    Olga Neronski | 12月 08, 2023 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    I often receive models from partners converted from SketchUp and they are very difficult to use. Previously, I redrew everything as solids. Now I have a program that does this job in 1 click. Fabulous!

    Alexandr Chernishev (公開元) | 12月 08, 2023

    Thank you

  • Не справляется с поставленной задачей
    Степан Казаков | 1月 24, 2022 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    1. Демо версия настойчиво просит донат / покупку

    2. Не замыкает объем из-за чего не может собрать 3dsolid

    чуть менее чем полностью бесполезная штука

    Alexandr Chernishev (公開元) | 1月 25, 2022

    1. У старой версии (которую вы скачивали из AppStore) нет демо-версии. Скачивайте новую версию с офсайта ( Там уже можно активировать демо-период 20 дней. 2. Латать дырявые сети в сплошной объем - это задача пользователя. Такой функциональности никто не заявлял. Да и не возможно это. Всю заявленную функциональность программа выполняет, экономит уйму времени. В частности при конвертации рваных сетей, импортированных SketchUp. Cрабатывает там, где штатные команды AutoCAD бессильны.