This app automatically offsets geometries by tool radius. The offsetted geometry can be directly imported to CNC software for machining operation. 


When machining geometry in CNC machine, the geometry needs to offsetted by the tool radius and the tool has to travel on this offset path, so that the part-size produced is accurate. Some of the Advanced and costly CNC controllers can do this automatically (using G41, G42 commands). In some of the entry level and low-cost CNC controllers, G41 command is not available. Even if G41 is available, it may not work correctly for complex geometries. Offsetting is a highly computational algorithm, it is better to do it in CAD/CAM software rather than in CNC software.  Also machines like Laser cutting machines don’t run on Gcodes and they don’t support the offset command (G41 etc.). 


OffsetCAM automatically identifies Inner and Outer geometries. After identifying: It offsets the outer geometries in Outside direction and Inner geometries in Inside direction. (Or vice-versa: if Inside offset option is chosen). 


The original geometries are moved to temporary later called Acam_tmp and can be deleted with a button click. 


The offsetted geometry can be imported into basic CAM software to get a Gcode output that can be fed directly to any CNC machine.


バージョン 1.1.0, 2019/10/11
Updated for 2020 (No change in version number).


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