Expose Assemblies


The Expose Assemblies program will help you complete assembly drawings faster. You can select the entire model of your product (for example, an exhibition stand), call the program and it will put all found blocks (assemblies) in a row at a given point. After that, it will be easier for you to arrange viewports with views of each assembly.


In addition, the program can:

  • Explode the parts of each assembly in different directions, as the program "TNT - Assembly Explosion" does.
  • Create a header with the name of the block above each exposed block. The title is customizable, you can write any properties, attributes and parameters of the block.
  • Read and write to the header the number of identical blocks. Moreover, you can take into account the layer and scale of the block, or you can ignore them.
  • Deploy blocks "facing the public". That is, rotate the block around the Z axis so that the largest flat surface of any solid turns in the -Y direction. This is especially useful when you are designing walls and partitions.
  • Select the optimal block insertion point even for blocks whose insertion point is located arbitrarily, away from block objects.
  • Adjust the distances between the exposed assemblies along all three axes.
  • Customize the position and size of the header.
  • Draw decorative borders around each assembly and around the entire exhibition.
  • Extract nested blocks.
  • Extract blocks from arrays and from external links.
  • Assign a layer to exposed assemblies.
  • Filter only the necessary blocks by layers.
  • Multiply the number of assemblies by the batch size to be produced.
  • Disable all these features in the dialog box.
  • Quickly switch between multiple presets (Expose-styles)


The program can also be used in flat layout drawings, for blocks consisting entirely of polylines and curves.

The original blocks remain unchanged - their copies are exposed.

The program does not work with annotative and non-explosive blocks (they are not considered assemblies).

The Expose command is also included in the set A>V>C> Pro.



To run the plugin, you will have to register your account and top up your account balance or receive bonuses.

Then you can activate one of the licenses:


バージョン 2024.03.00, 2024/03/20
AutoCAD 2025 compatibility


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