Data Center Geometry Export for CoolSim CFD

Data Center Geometry Export for CoolSim CFD

Applied Math Modeling Inc

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Data Center CFD Export for Autodesk® AutoCAD® is a Plug-in for AutoCAD that allows geometry associated with a data center design layout to be defined and exported from AutoCAD and into CoolSim. This easy to use tool speeds up the process of data center design layout by eliminating the need to redraw all the geometry inside the CoolSim CFD modeling tool. Key features of the CoolSim for AutoCAD Plug-in include;


  • Ability to define data center room with height, supply plenum depth, and ceiling plenum depth
  • Define IT Racks with height, airflow direction, and thermal load
  • Define Cooling Units with height, airflow direction, and cooling capacity specifications
  • Define Power Distribution Units with height, and thermal load
  • Define Perforated tile Placement with % area open
  • Define blocks for airflow obstruction
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Wersja 1.110.04, 31.03.2017
First release of plugin from Applied Math Modeling Inc.

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