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The evolution of the MeteorSpec continues. Taking all the best from previous versions, the MeteorSpec is powerfully developing in the direction of universal tools for electrical designers.


MeteorSpec LT is software toolkit for electrical designers and consists of the following components:

⦁  MeteorSpec-NETWORK – software for simulation, analysis and calculation of 0.4kV distribution networks;

⦁  MeteorSpec-ELECTRIC – collection of various calculators for electrical designers and students;

⦁  MeteorSpec-PLINE – totally customizable multipurpose tool for summarizing lengths and areas of any objects that can be modeled by lightweight polylines. 


The main features of the component MeteorSpec-NETWORK are:

⦁  Support for low-voltage networks with a radial topology and  with any level of complexity; 

⦁  Calculation of short-circuit currents according to IEC60909 (last edition 2016);

⦁  Calculation of voltage losses in low-voltage feeders with a balanced load;

⦁  Calculation of power sum and actual load currents in low-voltage feeders;

⦁  Adjustable cable database according to regional standards;

⦁  Automated computation of cable specifications;

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Electrotechnical calculations  

The program has calculation process, which is open to monitoring. Every step of all the electrical calculations (including interim and auxiliary results) can be thoroughly checked on the user request. 

Build-in Help system contains detailed descriptions of all calculation procedures and recommendations for selection of protective devices in street lighting feeders.


Specifications of equipment

The MeteorSpec-NETWORK allows you to quickly obtain the cable specifications of network models. Results of the specification are output into the drawing in a form of a table. Just specify the starting point of the table.


Connection with street lighting networks

Any junction of low-voltage network simulated by the MeteorSpec-NETWORK can be used as a power supply point of a street lighting cabinet designed by the partner software named MeteorCalc SL .

You can find more information about the MeteorCalc SL on the website: 


Compatibility and localization 

The MeteorSpec-NETWORK has localized versions for different regions, because there are different types of power cables and different electrotechnical calculation settings in various countries. Just tell us, where are you from, and we will make and provide a corresponding regional version to you.

MeteorSpec-NETWORK supports the 230/400V (TN) 50Hz voltage systems low-voltage networks and the Metric system of units in dwg-files. The nominal voltage is adjustable within 220/380V - 250/440V according to regional standards.


Component MeteorSpec-ELECTRIC

The MeteorSpec-ELECTRIC is collection of various calculators for electrical designers and students. We’ll supplement this collection at the request of the users.


Component MeteorSpec-PLINE 

This "time-tested" plugin is what earlier used to be the main part of the MeteorSpec software. The MeteorSpec-PLINE allows to calculate summarized lengths or/and areas of any objects that can be modeled by lightweight polylines.

Thousands of users use this plugin to calculate bills of materials for communication cables, computer networks, pipes, pavements, fences, curbs, protective coatings etc.

The MeteorSpec-PLINE flexibly adjusts to any units of measurement and it has the totally customizable Data Library. The user can pre-define any data of equipment necessary for work, according to the needs and tasks to be solved by the user.


Learning materials and recent versions  

For first start we recommend you refer to the “MeteorSpec LT getting started beginners guide” brochure and use the “Example #1. Power supply of small residential area” dwg-file. This step by step example is adapted for the free version.

We wish you productive work with the MeteorSpec LT!  


Note: This app uses a custom installer and not the standard Autodesk installer.

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Wersja 2.1.8, 25.09.2020
2.1.8 Now there are new possibilities for a quick start with the program: new brief Help system “Getting Started” and new starting window “Welcome to MeteorSpec LT”. 2.1.6 New calculator „Induction Motor Calculator“. The user can calculate input currents of 3-phase, 1-phase or DC electrical motors and torque of an induction motor. New power cable types in the cable DB. The list of supported power cable databases today is as follows: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, India, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom and the Common version [IEC60502 cables]. 2.1.5 New calculator „Current Carrying Capacity of Power Cables“ The „Fast Power Sum“ command can generate explications tables of selected consumers. Explication tables are output into the drawing. New opportunities in the „Power Cable Data“ dialog-window. The user can automatically replace an unknown cable type with a similar cable type from the installed cable database. 2.1.0 New command „Fast power Sum“. This command helps the user to quickly calculate sum of power demands of any number of consumers. Additionally, you can draw a cartogram of load power demands and find theoretically optimal location of a distribution substation. 2.0.0 The main difference between version 1.0 and 2.0 is that MeteorSpec is now a multiplatform and multifunctional software kit.

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    Alexey Mironoff | kwietnia 02, 2016 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    It's great intrument to calculate needed for your work areas (as componets of carrigeway: marking, green spaces and etc) I will use it. Thanks for MeteoraOwl OU.

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