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If you like many of my programs, you can not exchange for small things, but use the "A>V>C> Pro" package. You will get all the benefits in 2D and 3D design, drawing sheets preparation, contour preparation for CNC, automation of routine operations. The package contains absolutely all my developments. Now you can get absolutely all my public development by downloading and activating only 1 plugin. 
There is a fully functional demo version for 7 days. Download the file AVC_Pro_nnnn_nn.7z. 
To activate, donate $200 to further develop the program and follow the instructions
Attention! Before installing this set of programs, you must remove all other plugins A>V>C>.
To do this just delete all subdirectories starting with “AVC” letters in the folder ApplicationPlugins. And run Autodesk® AutoCAD® without plug-ins one time.
Plugin A>V>C> Pro included all A>V>C> Kit commands.

In the A>V>C> Pro additional included commands: 

Outside Loop  Outside Loop (OSL) 
 Join segments to a closed polyline. Convert any curves to polylines. Approximation of splines with a given tolerance. Contour optimization.
Fillet Polyline  Fillet Polyline (FP)
 Breaks all corners of a polyline and connects the sides with a smooth arc. Able to mate arc segments
InsideCorner  Inside Corner (IC) 
 Contours for milling approach in the inside corners
Dado Loop  Dado Loop (DDL) 
 Forming a closed polyline for NC-milling dadoes and pockets
Flat  Flat (FLT) 
 Generate flat drawings from any AutoCAD objects. Project all on XY
Offset of Many Objects  The offset of Many Objects
 A thousand displaced curves in 1 click. Repeated and bilateral offset. Layer change. Removing the source.
 Overall dimensions (DimOverall)
 Get two overall dimensions on all solids and contours by one click 
 NC Prepare (NCP) 
 Preparation of drawings of details, contours and dimensions, from 3D-solid. Works with detail through the viewport.
 DXF Export 
 Lay details (solids 3d), obtaining contours for 2d milling and export of contours in dxf.

The plugin A>V>C> Pro includes the cuix- file with a convenient ribbon "All-in-1". On the ribbon tab, you can find all AutoCAD commands plus all the commands A>V>C>. You do not need to switch more between tabs. And fans of the classic interface will finally be able to forget about it. 
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Wersja 2020.2, 24.03.2021
Added 2022 support (No change in version number).

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  • Fantastico
    Paolo Coter | grudnia 16, 2016

    Un altro ottimo plugin per risparmiare ulteriore tempo. Uno strumento davvero utile ! Grazie!

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