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The command is similar to DataExtraction, but interacts with other A>V>C> plugins: it works with the names of solids and lines created by the A>V>C> Properties Palette; and can extract solid metrics, including descriptions of surface and edge bandings.
Features of the program:
  • Extract basic properties of all drawing objects: 2D, 3D, annotations, materials.
  • Work with the names of lines and solids. And with all other object properties that are available in the A>V>C> Properties Palette.
  • Work with the metric of solids, with dimensions of parts, their materials, coatings, edge bandings, weight and price.
  • Filter only the necessary objects from all selected by layer, by type of object, by manufacturing technology.
  • Process all objects visible through the viewport.
  • Read objects from inside assembly-blocks, dynamic blocks, external references.
  • Use AutoCAD Fields to easily update tables.
  • Numbering, write down names as numbers in order. Group numbering or continuous, numeric or alphabetical. This numbering can later be used by the Smart Leader (ALD) program.
  • Customize any kind of table, with any columns, using the Substitutions system.
  • Create combined columns from multiple part parameters.
  • Format numbers and any data using substitution formats. Each column can be formatted differently.
  • Group table rows into sections and insert group names.
  • Sort rows in ascending or descending order.
  • Combine identical lines into one, count the number of combined lines.
  • Distinguish objects not only by the extracted data, but also geometrically, by the drawing.
  • Count sums in concatenated rows.
  • Multiply the number of parts by a given multiplier. This will allow you to count the number of parts for a series of products in one drawing.
  • Calculate mathematical formulas from single row data.
  • Calculate totals by group and across the entire table.
  • Assist with cost and weight estimates for solid parts assemblies.
  • Save results in drawing in tables or texts.
  • Split long tables into multiple sheets.
  • Save results in Excel, CSV, XML files.
  • Automatically pick the folder and name for the spreadsheet file according to your settings.
  • Save results to the clipboard for pasting into any programs.
  • Quickly switch between multiple presets (styles).
  • Work in 1 click - select a table to insert data along with objects to retrieve data.
  • Customize all these features in a convenient dialog box.
With the program free of charge the command works with tables "Paste To Table" (PTT) and "SplitTable". As you know, you cannot just copy the cells from Excel and paste them into Autodesk® AutoCAD®. This defect is partly compensated by the command "Paste To Table". With its help, you can insert in the AutoCAD table any texts separated by tabs and line breaks. Including data copied to the clipboard using the DataTable command. And the command "SplitTable" will help to send to the printer a table that does not fit into one layout.
Download the plugin in the archive AVC_DataTable_nnnn_nn.7z
The program is paid, costs $30. After installation, you will have a week to check the operability of the program and activate it.
Also the DataTable command is part of the A>V>C> Pro collection.
If you did not find the property you need or you need help in setting up - write to me at and offer your price. If you need to export a data to a SQL database or web application, this can also be done.
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