AutoMaskS Add A Wipeout Mask To Arcs And Circles

AutoMaskS Add A Wipeout Mask To Arcs And Circles

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The Only method to add a Wipeout Mask to Arcs, Circles, or Polylines with Arc Segments. Add a Wipeout mask to blocks using Polylines with Arcs, Circles, or Multiple Points in Autodesk® AutoCAD®.


Let's face it hatching around blocks or breaking lines to insert symbols is a pain and a lot of extra work.


Wouldn't be great if you could just simply place the block on the line and have the line disappear without having to break it!

How about adding a window block to an exterior elevation and having the brick hatch pattern disappear regardless of where the window block is placed?

Automask is a software app that enhances the capabilities of the AutoCAD Wipeout command's masking feature. With Automask, users can easily add a wipeout mask to various types of objects, including Arcs, Circles, and Polylines with Arc Segments, in addition to Square/Rectangular or Multi-Point Closed Polylines. This makes it easier for users to create clean, professional-looking drawings without the need to hatch around symbols or break lines.


One of the main benefits of Automask is its ability to simplify the process of adding a wipeout mask to an object. Users can simply place the block on the line, and the line will disappear without the need to break it. This can save a significant amount of time and effort compared to traditional methods of hatching around symbols or breaking lines.


Automask also offers greater flexibility in terms of creating wipeout masks. For example, users can add a window block to an exterior elevation and have the brick hatch pattern disappear regardless of where the window block is placed. This level of control and customization can help users create more precise and accurate drawings.


With Automask, users can transform their block/symbol libraries and achieve more consistent and professional results. The software app eliminates the need for hatching around symbols with unexpected results or breaking lines to make the drawing look correct. The samples in the screenshots below demonstrate some of the possibilities with Automask, showcasing its ability to add wipeout masks to a variety of objects with different shapes and configurations. Overall, Automask streamlines the process of adding wipeout masks to objects in AutoCAD, saving time and effort while improving the quality and accuracy of drawings.





Add a Mask to All Your Symbols with and without Arc or Circular Segments

Easily Add a Mask by Selecting a Single Arc Segment

Add a Mask to a circle by selecting the circle

Option for the Mask to be placed in Front or Behind the Selected Object

Add a Mask to a closed polyline by selecting the polyline

Mask a closed polyline with Arc Segments Included

Quickly Add a Rectangular Mask by Selecting the Lower Left and Upper Right Corners

Select an Unlimited Number of Points to Create a Mask Area 


This Application takes advantage of the AutoCAD Wipeout and Draworder commands and extends the wipeout ability to arcs and circles. 


The installer is compatible with AutoCAD from 2012 to 2025 (including other vertical products).


版本 15.0.1, 2024/4/5
Update for the current version Updated Front and Back masking toggle



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