SeeBlock DWG Symbol Manager

SeeBlock DWG Symbol Manager



SeeBlock is a powerful Autodesk® AutoCAD® add-on to build and manage block libraries that dramatically enhance your ability to catalog, organize, and manipulate DWG symbols and drawings.
SeeBlock automatically generates thumbnail previews from content on your computer or from network folders, creating icon menus with descriptions and insertion standards that can easily be shared by users in a network or even in a standalone environment.

1. Organize blocks and details for individual use or for your entire company!

2. You can decide who has permission to create and change libraries!

This is a Try & Buy product. You may try the software for free for 30 days. Once the 30-day period has expired, you may order a license to continue using it. The license (activation key) registers the software on your computer, unlocking and activating the evaluation version.
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SeeBlock version 4.1.8 Tech Edition - for AutoCAD 2012 up to 2025 (plus verticals) - not for LT

Key Points:
• Handles dynamic blocks and normal blocks
• Network and standalone operation
• Ready for use in corporate domain infrastructures
• Sets default layer and scale for individual blocks or for entire libraries
• Easy and complete cataloging and preview tools
• Batch and step-by-step cataloging with full control over insertion standards
• Automatic layer creation/setting within the insertion process
• Consolidation tool
• QuickBlock tool
• Many time-saving features!

Symbols:  Creating, Cataloging and Management
• Automatically builds custom visual libraries to manage related DWG files and blocks.
• Description, insertion layer name, and insertion scale factor can be stored on the database for each entry.
• QuickBlock tool allows you to quickly create and catalog writeblocks.
• Cataloging block sets using step-by-step processing, or quickly through batch processing.
• Organizes libraries through the directory structure by disciplines (like folders and subfolders).
• Easy control over entire libraries and over each individual entry.
• Password protection to control user privileges on modifying data.
• Consolidation tool defines a single address for all cataloged blocks, allowing copy and backup of the database.
• Adds text to thumbnails.

Symbols:  Inserting Tools
• Insert DWG files into your current drawing as block or xref.
• Under zoom view, you still have navigation capability and insertion control.
• Automatically adjusts the correct insertion layer for each specified block.
• If a required layer does not exist yet, create it on the fly or automatically by reading a configurable matrix file.
• Search function finds any cataloged block either by name and/or by description, with support for multiple keywords/phrases.
• Automatically verifies the compatibility between the DWG file to be inserted and your current AutoCAD version.
• Allows selecting any block in the drawing to easily reinsert it.
• Memorizes the last inserted block.

 Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 


The trial version of SeeBlock is the free full-featured version that you may try for 30 days. Once this 30-day period has expired, you must purchase a license to continue using it.

Please click here for purchase details: Buy SeeBlock.


版本 4.1.8, 2024/6/6
• Added support for Autodesk AutoCAD 2025. • Enhanced 'Consolidation' tool. • Fixes bug in 'Search' tool.



4 评论
  • Great certainly the best
    Massimiliano Begliomini | 一月 20, 2018

    Excellent program, functional and above all interesting the possibility of having a large preview. Really well done

    Celso Rodrigues (发布者) | 一月 22, 2018

    Dear Massimiliano, thank you for your comments!

  • I love this app!!!
    Michał Adamczak | 九月 16, 2015 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    It's the best app i've ever had. great job and i'm waiting for more. thanks.

    Celso Rodrigues (发布者) | 九月 16, 2015

    Hi Michał, thank you for your comments!

  • Very helpful
    cho taeg | 十二月 26, 2013 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    I agree! I love the "automatic layer" feature too, 'cause I no longer waste time adjusting the correct layer on each block insertion. Other highlight is the "consolidation tool" that greatly eases the database management and backup of all my libraries.

  • Just the best block cataloger!
    James Mendel | 十二月 23, 2013 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    This is a great block manager to deal with libraries of standard details! And its capability to set the right layer for each block insertion is a must-have feature! thanks planarq