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TotalLength is an Auto Lisp script calculating the total length of multiple objects of user-selected type(s) - lines, arcs, polylines, circles or combinations of them.


TotalLength is a universal plug-in and can be used in any field of design where such calculations are needed - for the total length of walls, fences, cables, pipes, pavements, etc.

The dialog box makes the app intuitive to work with, so there will be no need to spend a lot of time studying it. The result of the total length calculations is displayed in an editable field and is copied to clipboard for further use.



版本 1.1.4, 2019/4/15
2020 update



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  • Wow
    Jose Covarrubias | 九月 18, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Whoever did this app is a genius, Thanks!

  • infinite thanks
    Cristóbal Adasme | 六月 14, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)


    very useful, you saved my day :)

  • Nice!!
    Charles Montoya | 四月 16, 2019 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Well needed! Good job!

  • nice lisp
    Ahmed ismaeil | 十一月 12, 2018

    nice lisp

  • Simple and useful
    Jörg Loschinsky | 八月 07, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    it is allways good to save some time.


    My suggestions for improvement:

    1. To get a better overview of the selected objects, it would be good, if you could enlist them by type.

    for example:

    12 objects selected

    4 Lines

    6 Polylines

    and 2 Arcs

    2. adding circles to the list of objects

    Antonia Petrova (發佈者) | 八月 10, 2018

    Thank you for the feedback. I will consider your suggestions for the next update of the app.

    Dragos Puiu | 三月 20, 2018 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    Select objects:

    no function definition: VLAX-ENAME->VLA-OBJECT


    Command: *Cancel*

    Antonia Petrova (發佈者) | 三月 21, 2018

    Hi, Dragos! There are 2 things you could try: 1. Type (vl-load-com) in your command line, then run the _totall command. If the plug-in works this way, please contact me at, I hope that I'll be able to find a solution for your problem. 2. Suspected cause of the problem could be having run some registry cleaner or anti-virus that deleted vital registry settings that AutoCAD needs. Repair or reinstallation of AutoCAD could help(from this article: ) Best regards, Antonia

  • Grat Until!!
    Jared Howe | 十月 05, 2016 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    I Loved this app until the released the service pack and now it doesn't work. I wish it did

  • Very efficient script
    RAJ PUGO | 八月 05, 2016 驗證下載 (這是什麼?)

    It helps me to calculate the total length of all my bondwires in a QFN package. Very easy to use.