Pemulis Map Maker 2020

Pemulis Map Maker 2020

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Mapping requires precision and attention to detail.


Pemulis Map Maker is an advanced mapping solution combining intelligent map analysis, parcel creation, advanced annotation and tabling, custom reporting, map checking, and more.


Create parcels by subdividing a closed area, by creating parcels along a frontage, and create parcels from deed data.


Annotate parcels using Map Maker's smart labels using your desired imperial or metric styles. Add annotation tags quickly and easily to your custom designed tables. Renumbering tags and removing tag gaps is quick and easy. You can also renumber tags by their position - for example, lower numbers starting on the west-most section of the map and increasing in number while moving eastward.


Label Autodesk® Civil 3D® parcels, lines, arcs, etc., in seconds with the most appropriate C3D label style.


Find and fix geometry errors. For example, Pemulis Map Maker identifies where the sum of partial lengths doesn't add up to the overall length, or identify possible errors in the display of delta values in Civil 3D.


Includes a full-featured report creator for creating custom mapping and deed reports. Includes the ability to create an AutoCAD table from any report data.


Includes specific mapping technology and standards for the Philippines.


Includes custom point block use for reference in reports and more.


Spend more time map making and less time on the tedium of labeling, map checking, and reporting.


Trial details: The application comes with a 30 day trial period.


Note: This app uses a digitally signed custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 13.10, 28.05.2024
Added parcel creation tools, improved annotation/tabling/reporting, custom point-block use, Philippines technology and standards, and more.

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