Verticality constructions. Executive schemes.

Verticality constructions. Executive schemes.


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The application creates arrows in the drawing with signatures of deviations from the project as blocks.


As the actual position, you can use:
  • Point
  • Block
  • CoGo point.
As a project position, you can use: 
  • Closed polylines.


The application controls the deviation from the project on 3 parameters:
  • In the lower section
  • In the upper section
  • Verticality


All blocks are created with the height of attributes equal to 1. 
When inserted into the drawing, they are given the appropriate scale, so that the height of the attribute corresponds to the annotation you entered in the dialog at the current annotation scale.
In this case, the blocks are annotative and their size will change when you change the annotation scale.

Please note: The app is 30 days trial. For further work of the application, please register (registration costs $ 35 per year).


The application can be used / paid separately, or purchased together with the kit 


For those who have already exhausted the trial period on the previous version, 10 days of testing will be available when installing the new version.

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Version 2.1.2, 18.04.2018
Added 2019 support. Added function, correction of values out of tolerance for maximum permissible

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  • I recommend to everyone!
    Alexey Zakharov | März 02, 2018 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I have used this application for a long time, now it appeared here. I advise everyone who works with columns very much.

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