Design managers everywhere expect and accept the time required to bring a new distribution of CAD files to a suitable level for positive production to their trade or use.

It is called Standard Operating Procedure.

AutoPREP handles files from beginning to end. Shaving hundreds of hours of tedious hours completing the mundane but necessary tasks of drawing management, clean-up and revision review of hard copies.

Staff will no longer have to spend time isolating the necessary host files from external references or all the possible scenarios written off to errors encountered, i.e. Corrupt Files, Missing External References and/or images. All this is handled with detailed reports, prepared for e-mailing to the issuer with queries about the corrupt files or missing/corrupt external references. All hyperlinked to the local drive and disconnected drive for ease of access and resolution.

Cleanup is sometimes the necessary evil of removing unwanted entities from the drawing file table (i.e. Layers) the drawing entities, i.e. Lines, Circles; even blocks can be removed or edited in place with external commands. Simply move around the drawing inside the editor clipping or deleting blocks. You can ignore the REFEDIT or BEDIT commands. Zip through your file in minutes and record your steps for the next issue or even the floor above. Extensive Wizards record the actions taken and saved for continual use of editing the CAD file for the results you want to see.

No more large drafting tables for hard copy plans to sit on. One table for the previous set and one table for the revised. Simply line the CAD files up in the compare window. Set a few options and click compare. AutoPREP will begin a digital compare of the chosen files and detailing the revisions in both deleted and added with revision clouds drawn around those changes. So smart is the compare you can even determine what the revision clouds encompass and train AutoPREP to cloud revisions by your company standards. Set the compare to print the results to PDF or DWF to avoid paper waste.

Detailed reports are also generated, with hyperlinked text to take any user to the file requested in the format requested (printed on the report, DWG, DWF or PDF)

AutoPREP axes the standards forcing the clock back to productive design instead of wasted time.

There is a 7 day built in demo that requires an internet connection, users can also request a 30 day extension.

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