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SPCAD is an Add-on for Autodesk® AutoCAD® to aid for general workflows of CAD professionals. Equipped with more than 100+ tools, SPCAD promises a comprehensive CAD solution that automates your tasks without compromising accuracy. Specially developed to help run geospatial analysis. SPCAD is equipped with the necessary tools to make AutoCAD workflows quick, efficient, and convenient. With a wide array of tools and functionalities, SPCAD empowers CAD professionals to seamlessly integrate geospatial data and perform complex tasks without the need to switch between different applications. 


SPCAD streamlines the process of importing and exporting geospatial files, making it easy to work with various data formats such as KML, SHP, CSV, GPX, LAS, Raster Image, TXT File, and XYZ File. One of the key strengths of SPCAD is its ability to manage coordinate systems efficiently. With support for over 4500 coordinate systems and the capability for coordinate transformation, it ensures that your drawing is accurately aligned with the real-world coordinates. 


SPCAD also excels in topographic analysis. It lets you seamlessly import Bing Maps imagery directly into your projects. SPCAD offers surface creation, TIN, and contour generation tools. You can also generate an area capacity curve from TIN data. These features enable you to visualize and represent land surfaces and elevation changes accurately, aiding in tasks like land development and terrain modelling. For those engaging in 3D analysis, you can define alignments, and create cross-sections and longitudinal profiles along these alignments, as it simplifies the process of understanding the terrain and making informed design decisions. The software's cartography tools and map elements facilitate the creation of maps and data-driven pages. It also allows you to create an atlas along linear and area features, making it easier to present and share spatial information effectively. 


SPCAD supports the creation of buffers along points, lines, and polygons. This feature is particularly useful for proximity analysis, helping you understand the spatial relationships between different elements in your designs. SPCAD is a valuable tool for cadaster planning, simplifying the process of Lot subdivision and land information management.


Whether you need to design intricate maps, assign coordinate systems, import/export your data, or define property boundaries, SPCAD's capabilities have you covered. With its extensive range of features and intuitive interface, SPCAD is a one-stop solution for all your geospatial and CAD needs.

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