Electrical Cable Tray
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This program can deal with many types of Electrical Cable Trays along with three styles of bends. The application provides a unique option to add support angles for the selected Cable Trays with many options and, with this technique, that I am sure you will find it very easy to deal with as soon as you run the program a few times.


The program has three scales, one Imperial and two Metric, 1.0 and 1000.0 units. This should be sufficient o cover all users' needs all over the world.


NOTE: This program works from Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 up to the latest release.

Descrizione della versione di prova

The program should work for at least 15 days, starting from the moment you install the application.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 1.0.0, 27/03/2024
Added 2025 support

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  • usefull
    Akram Yahia | luglio 08, 2023

    thankx 4 ur work

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (Autore) | luglio 10, 2023

    Thank you for your kind reply.

  • Great
    Mauro Poropat | aprile 19, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Tharwat you are awesome as always,


    it would be great if there would be an easy way of displaying/calculating the total length of cable trays.


    Tharwat Al Shoufi (Autore) | aprile 20, 2023

    Thank you so much Mauro for your kind feedback, greatly appreciated. You can find the Cable Trays lengths program on my website along with the Bill of Materials of fittings that used by the program, so here is a direct link to them: https://autolispprograms.wordpress.com/electricity/

    Vail Huri | aprile 02, 2023 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Most useful add-on so far!

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (Autore) | aprile 03, 2023

    Thank you for your kind input and feedback, highly appreciated.

  • This add on very usefull
    Pisit Saitong | febbraio 01, 2021 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    This add on very usefull

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (Autore) | febbraio 01, 2021

    Thank you for your kind feedback and I am glad that you find it useful.

  • Great Program
    John Rocks | settembre 03, 2019

    Another perfect and awesome program.

    Keep up the excellent work Tharwat.

    Thank you.

    Tharwat Al Shoufi (Autore) | settembre 06, 2019

    Thank you and I am glad that you like it.

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