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Easily generate bar bending schedules in real-time for your rebar detailing drawings in Autodesk® AutoCAD®. The BBS is automatically stored in the drawing.


  • Create several bar bending schedules in a drawing.
  • Assign customer and project information.
  • Assign SI and Imperial bar sizes (USA, Canada and Europe).
  • Assign steel grade to individual bars (USA, UK, Canada, Germany and India).
  • Assign a shape from a very complete shape catalog.
  • Assign custom notes to each rebar.
  • Copy and paste rebars between bar bending schedules.
  • Real-time weight calculation.
  • Summary of weights by size and grade.
  • Override column names to match your own language

This trial version provides full version capabilities for a period of 30 days.

If you received an invitation for a compliment full-version license, get your hardware ID from the License menu and send it to the support email quickrebarsolutions@gmail.com to get your license file. Load the license file in the License menu to activate your product.

Paid app can be downloaded here.

Visit www.quickrebarsolutions.com

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Versione, 26/03/2020
Added 2021 support. - Override column names to match your own language

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