JTB Sheet Set Renumber

JTB Sheet Set Renumber

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In many cases, we want to show up in our title block two fields Sheet Number / Total Number.


There is a Sheet Number property in each sheet, but we have to manually edit it.


There is no Total Number property in the sheet set. We can create it as a custom property, but again, we have to manually edit it.


So, this app is made to help. It assumes that sheet numbering is based on the same order as the sheets listed in your sheet set, and no sheet is excluded from the total number. Then, every time you reorder the sheets in a sheet set, insert or delete sheets, run the app command "SheetSetRenumber" and all the Sheet Number, and Total Number fields will be updated.


After purchase, the program will run for up to 30 days before activation is required.


A trial of this product is available at JTB Sheet Set Renumber Trial.


More details can be found on JTB World's JTB Sheet Set Renumber page.


Elevated user privileges are required to install this product. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Versione 1.2.0, 28/06/2023
Added AutoCAD 2024 support.

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