OCSL LayerMaker is an AutoCAD® application that creates AutoCAD Layers based upon a specific standard format which is accessed from Internet based data or a series of text files. Layers are created with consistent properties such as line type, color and plot style.

The present version creates layer to the following standard formats:

·        BS1192:2007 - British Standard 1192:2007 (Uniclass Version 2015).        

·        BS1192:2007 - British Standard 1192:2007 (Uniclass Version 1.4).

·        AIA – AIA CAD Layer Guidelines USNCS-V5

·        AIA ISO 13567 – AIA CAD Layer Guidelines USNCS-V5

·        CP83 – CP83 Part 1: 2004 Singapore Standard

·        Bespoke (Based Upon Local Text Files)

Care has been taken to follow the guidance provided by each of the standards authorities, but no guarantees can be provided that the layers produced all comply with the appropriate standards. Care must be taken when using OCSLLayerMaker to ensure that the appropriate options available are selected to create the appropriate layer. Pen settings and AutoCAD colors provided are indicative only and may need to be changed as required.

Where compliance with National Layer Standards is a requirement that each drawing produced should be audited through a Layer Standards checker.

NOTE: To access the web based data workstations must have internet access enabled. 


30 Day Trial version:  This software is limited as a 30 day trial license after which the software must be purchased from http://www.ocsltools.co.uk/ if you wish to carry on using it. The Trial License is Limited to creating 5 Layers at a time.

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バージョン 1.0.2, 2016/05/27
Added 2016-2017 support – Uniclass 2015 support and Bespoke Layer Txt File support


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  • A most Excellent Tool
    David Marchant | 4月 30, 2019 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Its typical of the UK that its takes an indeivadule to come up with such a great tool highly recomended for changing your standard layers to the new Uniclass 2015.