ProModel for Autodesk® Edition - Evaluation

ProModel for Autodesk® Edition - Evaluation

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This 30-day Evaluation of ProModel integrates seamlessly with Autodesk® Factory Design Utilities and allows you to accurately represent real-world processes, including their inherent variability and interdependencies, in order to conduct predictive analysis on potential changes in a risk-free environment before committing capital and resources.


Define and Design Dynamic Simulation Models and Sync with Factory Design Utilities on Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor®.


Define a system or process using Autodesk Factory Design Assets, and simulate your model with the click of a button. ProModel for Autodesk® Edition allows you to seamlessly create and run simulation models that you can then synchronize with Factory Design Utility Layouts in AutoCAD and or Inventor.  This robust, predictive, productivity improvement tool is truly a game-changer for those wanting to improve their manufacturing system’s performance.


  1. Create a model or add simulation properties to an existing flowchart directly in ProModel using the Factory Asset Browser.
  2. Press play and watch your model run with realistic animation.
  3. View dynamic model output metrics and run "What-If" scenarios.
  4. Compare and contrast your “What-If” scenarios in automatically generated reports that display the KPI’s that define an optimized system. 

Whether you are looking to minimize costs, increase throughput, improve productivity, manage inventory or better meet customer demand, ProModel for Autodesk Edition provides a cost-effective, high-value solution to achieve your objectives. Customers using ProModel today include Pfizer, ITT, General Dynamics, GE Healthcare, Praxair, Cummins, Pacific Life, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and many other customers and institutions around the world.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Versão, 12/11/2019
Initial release.

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