Matrak BIM Viewer

Matrak BIM Viewer



Matrak is transforming global construction supply chains, through connected materials tracking.

It enables suppliers, installers, manufacturers, and builders to collaboratively track the status of materials, from construction drawings, on the mobile and web app. 


Introducing the Matrak BIM Viewer – a seamless integration with your Autodesk® BIM 360® account, allowing you to overlay and update the status of materials on your models.



  • Seamless Integration: Connect your BIM 360 account and choose models to view in the Matrak BIM Viewer.
  • Data Export and Tracking: Easily export data from your model to import and track within Matrak.
  • Color-coding for Visibility: Enable color-coding to visualize customizable statuses for each material in the Matrak BIM Viewer.
  • Direct Updates: Conveniently update the status of materials directly from the Matrak BIM Viewer.


Materials Tracking. Made Easy.



A 3-legged authentication will occur wherein the 'Connect to Autodesk' button will redirect you to Autodesk sign-in to ask for permissions.

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Version 1.0.0, 22.03.2024
Initial release

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