Solar Farm Planner

Solar Farm Planner



Solar Farm Planner is one of a kind technology demonstration of basic features in Autodesk® ecosystem for laying out solar farms on arbitrary areas on Google® Maps.

Using Forge™ platform, it is integrated with Autodesk® BIM 360® for better collaboration of users on a project and for saving a 3D mock-up of solar farms to BIM 360 Docs®, which can be displayed with Autodesk Forge Viewer™. The farm design process is just a few simple calculations (total number of panels, total weight, total kWh, etc.) combined with panels rotation and tilt on the area that may be a complicated polygon on the map.


The main features 

  • Data transfer with Autodesk services 
  • Google Maps manipulation 
  • Arbitrary polygon area 
  • Panel rotation and tilt 
  • Import/export of mock-ups from/to: 
    • Local drive 
    • BIM 360 Docs 
  • Adjustable farm parameters: 
    • Scale 
    • Panels number 
    • Weight 
    • Output power 
    • Etc. 



  • An Autodesk account 
  • A desktop browser Chrome 63 or higher, Firefox 58 or higher, whatever was tested on, or similar 


If you are interested in a tool customized or enhanced for your needs, we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements with you.


Note: App is compatible with BIM 360 Docs.

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 1.2, 06.10.2021
1. Extended support of BIM 360 Docs: - Versioning - Removal of files and folders - Restoration of model designs 2. New ways to create and to upload models 3. The new panel creation algorithm 4. Improved user profile and settings 5. The tutorial included

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