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Build your project and deliver document control with ProjectReady and connect the power of Autodesk® BIM 360® to SharePoint and Box

Connect Autodesk with ProjectReady:

Automatically provision Autodesk BIM 360 Projects and connect to SharePoint and Box
     •  Use the same Project ID to connect BIM 360 to
        everything else in the project
     •  Automatically create the correct folders and   
         structure as part of the provisioning process
     •  Assign BIM Managers

Preview your documents & drawings directly from ProjectReady before adding to your document control package
     •  Explode model
     •  Access BIM properties
     •  Scale & Measure

Document Control with seamless integration with SharePoint and Box
     •  RFI’s
     •  Submittals
     •  Transmittals
     •  Change Orders
     •  Coversheets with content from BIM 360,
         SharePoint and Box

Download and upload documents to BIM 360 from your desktop or SharePoint

Redline and PDF drawings in browser and save to BIM 360

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Version V3, 04.01.2019
ProjectReady unifies content from BIM 360, Microsoft SharePoint and Box for centralized process driven control of projects and content. Features include: Provision BIM 360 repositories, Connect content from BIM 360, SharePoint and Box in your Document Control Packages (Transmittals, Submittals, RFI's, Change Orders, Save draft communiques, gather full historic information, save commonly used approvers, resubmit packages and real time access to rich reporting across your document control activities To learn more about all the Features and Capabilities of ProjectReady Central please visit -

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